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Instant gas discounts make a big impact

At Drop Tank, we specialize in dropping fuel prices instantly at the pump. We partner with recognizable fuel brands to offer our instant fuel discounts at thousands of gas stations across the country.

Our fuel discounts are available as physical cards or digital codes in varying denominations... making them the perfect gift or promotional item.

Who wouldn't like some relief at the pump? Take a look around our site and see how fuel discounts can help you go a little farther today!

Check out our latest Marathon offering!

Savings Event

Two ways to register your phone number:
1) Text "SAVE" to 40244
2) Register online at makeitcount.com

Once registered, enter 11+Your Phone Number at the pump or inside for 10 CentsOff per gallon on your next fill up, then 3 CentsOff per gallon every fill up after.